Academic Outcomes Paper

How to Achieve a 100% Graduation Rate
with Online and Blended LearningPSD_Scores.jpg

All students who entered Williams Junior Senior High School as freshmen in the fall of 2011 graduated in May 2015. However, that was not always the case. In August 2012, one-third of the high school students were credit deficient and the credit recovery program was ineffective. To help overcome these academic challenges, in May 2013, the staff implemented the academic recovery program for junior high students and the credit recovery program for high school students.

Williams' keys to student success include:

  1. Staffing resources for an online credit recovery program
  2. Setting goals for students and motivate them via the "Nintendo Effect"
  3. Creating guiding principles for an online credit recovery program
  4. Developing a schedule for students in a blended model
Download the form to see Williams' results and view a video telling their story. 
Our approach to assisting at-risk students, “shifts responsibility to the student and most students respond well. They like accessing their assigned instruction on their own time, sometimes from home. They also like being able to check their performance and progress in the FuelEd platform. Students, who know they are close to completion, sometimes study after school in the computer lab. They are excited about their success and being caught-up.” 

–Dr. Nicholas Richter, Williams Jr/Sr High School Principal