FuelEd's Online Summer School Solution

Recover Credits, Explore Languages
and Complete Electives

Fuel Education helps districts design personalized learning with engaging and effective online summer school courses for students in grades 6–12, including 19 credit recovery courses and more than 170 original credit courses. FuelEd is here to ensure that all of your students—no matter their strengths, weaknesses, or personal situations—are moving forward in their academic journey.

The FuelEd Online Summer School solution includes the following options:

  • Credit recovery courses, original credit core courses, electives, or world languages in online or blended environments
  • Certified teachers, or training for your teachers in the most successful online instruction methods 
  • Affordable cost solutions when partnering with FuelEd to offer summer school courses
FE Summer School Courses
Download our brochure to browse our course catalog and inquire with us about how Fuel Education's Summer School Solution will help your district fuel personalized learning with online and blended learning courses. 

The North Clackamas School District serves more than 17,000 students in Oregon. The district has run a robust summer school program for many years to help students who were lagging in credits get back on track for graduation. Enrollment in the district’s summer program in 2014 more than doubled, so they partnered with Fuel Education to design a program that best fit their needs. In 2014, they had a record 496 enrollments—and 410 completions—the district’s 2014 summer school program saw an 83 percent success rate. Read how they achieved success by downloading these brochures