Blended Program Workbook:
Personalized Learning in Your Classroom

Exclusive 5-Step Hands-On Guide to Blended Learning

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Blended learning is a rapidly growing instructional model that is redefining the educational landscape. Schools across the country are using blended learning programs to personalize learning. These programs have resulted in greater productivity for teachers and better outcomes for students because students receive the attention, support, and resources they need—and teachers can spend more time differentiating instruction.

The Blended Program Workbook is designed to create a blended learning implementation plan that will best meet your school’s strategic goals, take full advantage of your investment, and enhance student learning.

Download our Blended Program Workbook to learn more about making a successful shift to a blended learning school district.

“We needed an online program that built a bridge to the entire city of Colorado Springs by offering education options to students. The district chose FuelEd because we could provide their Full-Time School Comprehensive Program and Online Courses to our brick-and mortar schools through a variety of different programs to help serve every type of learner.”

–Kim McClelland, formally with Falcon School District 49