Benchmark Study 2015

Best Practices for Implementing
Successful Online Programs

Experienced educators from around the country ranked the critical success factors for online and blended learning programs in Fuel Education’s fourth annual Benchmark Study. Supplemented with case study perspectives, the research study polled school leaders ranging from superintendents to teachers about the best practices and priorities in successfully implementing online and blended learning programs in K–12 schools.

The study’s key focus points include:

  • How are districts funding the online or blended learning programs
  • What are the most immediate challenges that districts seek to solve through the programs
  • What is the best measure of a program’s overall quality
Download the FuelEd 2015 Benchmark Study to find out the latest insights on what’s up and what’s down from your peers across the country in the world of online and blended learning.
“The myth says that fewer teachers are needed because the students learn online. However, a school still needs to invest in high-quality teachers. Even if a teacher is not physically in class with her students, she must have time to monitor and prepare a unique lesson for face-to-face time rather than relying on last year’s lesson plans.”

Heather Hiebsch, the principal at PSD Global Academy