What makes an online and blended learning program successful?

Academic outcomes documented in nine district programs

Successes, including:
  • 242% average typical growth in math for middle school students
  • 100% graduation rate
  • 78% of graduates went directly to college
  • 50% increase in reading scores in a quarter
How did these blended and online programs achieve positive academic outcomes?

The Evergreen Education Group and Fuel Education have partnered over the last year to research and document best practices of successful online and blended learning programs. The programs vary from blended learning schools to credit recovery programs within a traditional school, as you can see in the list of participants below. We are pleased to share the results from the nine schools and districts we profiled.


Download this paper to see how these schools achieved strong academic outcomes, including:

  • Typical student schedules for each program
  • Key characteristics of successful programs
  • How each program is resourced and staffed
  • How to measure academic performance of the program
Student Success 

The principal of Carver Military Academy noted, “We used to think we had to select the ‘right’ students for these online courses, but that’s not really the case. We are putting all sorts of students in these courses and they are being successful.”